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People of Tumblr. I have written a song:


Dashing into class

With elevated stress

Teacher’s a pain in the ass

It’s time to take the test

You haven’t slept in days

Now you’re shit out of luck

Because it’s Final Exam Time

And everyone is fucked


Final Exams

Final Exams

How I hate you so

I studied

For no reason

There’s still things I don’t know (O!)

Like practically everything

That I’ve ever learned

My blood pressure is way too high

I’m really quite concerned

Final exams

Final exams

Why do you mock me

I want to go on tumblr

But I have to study

Final Exams

Final Exams

You just want to cry

You’re questioning your sanity

Well at least


Written By: Marauders4EVR 12/10/12 3:34 PM