Ask Away!


Okay everyone says that the Les Miserables Oscars performance was precious. (Myself included. I still sob every-time I hear it.)

But then I took the time to actually watch Hugh Jackman.

And at first when he’s by himself he looks so happy and emotional:

And then when everyone else comes out he looks confused. At first it’s the main cast of the movie. And that’s fine. But then more and more people just keep coming and then a few people messed up their lines and he’s just like:

I’m getting real tired of your bullshit:

Nobody upstages Jean Valjean!

So even though it wasn’t scheduled until another few lines he suddenly roars: TOMORROW IS THE JUDGEMENT DAY

And everyone just sort of follows along and finishes the song.

But if you think about it.

That’s pretty much how Valjean’s life is.

He starts off alone and with a sentimental song. And then more people just keep coming and eventually Valjean can’t keep track of them anymore and then by the time you get to the barricade he’s pretty much looking around like wait you guys aren’t cosette i didn’t rescue any of these kids what the hell is going on and they’re all singing and then at the end of every song he pretty much has had enough and he outshines everyone with his epicness.