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The amount of detail that goes into Avatar is phenomenal. These could pass as masterpieces. Everything from the simplest leaf on the tree to the detail of the rock to the rays/shades of the sun or the slight shadows…

People who are getting impatient for the Book 2 of Korra just remember this … This isn’t a show where there’s a quickly drawn character in front of a blurred/scraggly background. Stuff like this doesn’t just happen overnight. There are dozens of people who tediously worked together to make this and they take pride in their work. Oh sure - they can quickly draw up an episode without paying any attention to detail or accuracy. Hell, they can probably have an episode-a-day if they do it like that. I mean, that’s what so many other television shows are doing these days. They can jump on that bandwagon. Or they can take their time and create things like this.

They can create their time and show that Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are so much more than a simple cartoon.


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__Marauders4EVR 04/07/13 7:18 PM