Ask Away!

Interviewer: Can you give us any hints about Sherlock?
Benedict: . . . He's back.
Moffat: - Slowly looks up -
Moffat: - Whispers - No
- The Next Day -
Moffat: Do you know why I called you in here, Benedict?
Benedict: - Hanging his head - No.
Moffat: Benedict.
Benedict: I'M SORRY, OKAY?
Moffat: You gave them a hint. A hint. What were you thinking, man?
Benedict: That giving the fandom tiny hints will allow them to maintain a sense of hope and sanity in preparation for Series Three?
Moffat: . . .
Benedict: I didn't mean it! Please!
Moffat: I'm sorry, Benedict.
Benedict: You can't kill off my character again! The fans! Think of the fans!
Moffat: Don't worry. Sherlock won't die.
Martin: - Enters - You wanted to see me about some script changes?
Benedict: - Shakes Fist - MOFFAT!