Ask Away!


Yakko - Once upon a time a brave knight married a beautiful princess and they had two sons.

Dot - But they wanted a daughter, too.

Yakko - Right. So they planted a garden all over the kingdom, and on the first day of spring every flower in that garden bloomed. And out of the prettiest flower came-

Dot - Me.

Yakko - Yup. And so the knight and his bride - Mom and Dad - took you home. And every night at bedtime they’re come in and say, “Who’s the cutest girl?” and you’d say-

Dot - I am.

Yakko - And they’d ask, “How’d you ever get so cute?” and you’d say-

Dot - I was born that way.

Yakko - And they’d say, “Tell us your name, young lady,” and you’d say-

Dot - Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bobesca the Third. But you can call me Dot.

Yakko - And they’d say, “Can we call you Dottie?” and you’d say-

Dot - No. Just Dot. Call me Dottie and you die.

Yakko - And Mom and Dad would laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and they’d tickle you-

Dot - [giggles]

Yakko - And then you’d laugh, too.

Dot - [giggles][coughs][giggles more]

Yakko -  And you’d fall asleep with a great, big smile in your heart.

Dot - [coughs] I like that story.

Yakko - Good night, sis.


I forgot just how emotional this movie is