Ask Away!


(Sorry for the low-quality picture)

So I was rewatching the Gravity Falls episode Dreamscapers with my brother (and let me just say that being a Whovian and a Sherlockian and watching Gravity Falls is fun because weird creatures and mysteries are perfectly normal and I can deduce everything).

Anyway, I noticed this part. “Soos” opens the door and sees the memory of Stan entering the secret room (which is revealed in Gideon Rises).

And “Soos” declares that it’s boring and then shuts the door.

But we know that it’s not Soos. It’s really Bill disguised as Soos, so that Mabel can lead him to the memory of the safe combination. And we know that it IS Bill and not Soos because there’s not a point after this where Soos slips away, hence Bill switched before this.

Don’t you think that Bill (who is said to be the worst and fearful enemy of the journal) would be curious? Or does he already know? After all, he recognized Stan’s name when Gideon says it. And if Bill knows, is he shutting the door so that the others don’t see the room? Would he even care about the room? I mean I assume that he would. After all, it is a super-weapon. And he is a super-villain.